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Restaurant & Cafe

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Restaurant & Cafe

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Welcome to Our Restaurant

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Catering for the Disabled: Making Establishments Friendlier

Going to a restaurant to try their specialties can be a fun and exciting experience. A huge number of individuals today love eating outdoors and they often bring their relatives, co-workers and loved ones. Everyone has the right to enjoy their meals regardless of their race or origin. The same can also be said with regards to the disabled community with many going restaurants to enjoy a meal with friends. It is good to hear that there exist requirements for restaurants in Australia in regard to providing access for the disabled. This include the inclusion of wheel chair ramps, disabled toilets & basins etc.

Catering for the Disabled: Making Establishments Friendlier

Disabled access for several establishments is a worldwide concern. In fact, earlier this year in Rio 2016, locals were frustrated by lack of disability access ahead of Paralympic Games. While the Games have improved infrastructure for people with disabilities, locals said the changes were unlikely to benefit them. This in turn makes it troublesome for athletes to perform their best as there are not enough facilities to back their endeavors up.

There is indeed a need to put into more effort in catering to the needs and preference of the disabled community. A recent survey of businesses undertaken by a number of disabled people has found that while improvements are needed at many businesses in the northern New South Wales town many are on the right track. Participant Catherine Rae said more needs to be done for visually impaired people. “Unfortunately there’s only one restaurant that has a Braille menu at this stage,” she said.

Not a lot of business owners however, are quite thrilled in adding the much needed amenities and services for their disabled customers. Coach House Restaurant got a ramp for wheelchairs only because of a petition that quickly got thousands of signatures. The restaurant emailed a genuine apology and had now bought a ramp as a result.

On a positive note, it is good to hear that there are restaurants who give the extra care and attention to their disabled customers. A mother with their disabled son shared a wonderful experience they have in Chick-fil-A. In a Facebook post she said, “Every time I come to this Chick-fil-A, I am so impressed. The employees are always friendly and courteous. On top of it, the employees turned a negative experience around for us.” A number of employees of Chick-fil-A went and played with her son when some boys in the area refused to play with him.

Technology has also gone a long way in making disability friendly services more accessible to a huge number of individuals in the present. This in turn makes it relatively for just about anyone to find disability services they need with most of them found over the internet. In addition, a software engineer and wheelchair user in Ireland is developing an app called Access Earth that allows people with mobility disabilities to rate restaurants, hotels and tourist attractions around the world based on how accessible they are. This data can then be used by others to reference upon their visit.




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Touring Sydney’s Best New Restaurants

According to the Daily Telegraph, Sydneysiders derive great pleasure from anything fresh and trendy, including restaurants and diners. As a matter of fact, every time a new establishment becomes open for business, the venue is jammed in a flash with locals and tourists craving for a gastronomical experience.

To date, Sydney’s other famous tour now includes restaurant hopping. With the ever-changing dynamics of Sydney’s dining scene, these best new restaurants have quickly adapted and are now gaining attention for all the right reasons.

Touring Sydney’s Best New Restaurants

As per The Australian, Sydney “remains as the country’s epicentre of hot restaurant openings.” The following restaurants will prove why is that.

Restaurant Hubert
15 Blight Street, Sydney

Those who would want to experience a slice of Paris must head straight to Hubert’s on Blight Street. The restaurant now serves lunch from 12:00 noon to 3:00 pm, aside from the usual dinner at 5:00 pm to 1:00 am. The ambience inside Hubert’s is sexy and the interiors are adorned with bottles and various characters. Of course, their menu is full of exquisite dishes, such as the steak tartare and chicken a la jardiniere. Hubert’s style, food and customer service make it a must-visit restaurant in Sydney.

Long Chim
14 Martin Place, Sydney

Long Chim serves delicious and authentic Thai cuisines. Aside from its Sydney branch, the casual dining restaurant can also be traced in Singapore and Perth. Like what you will expect from a good restaurant, the staffs in Long Chim are very friendly and welcoming. Some of their popular dishes are the Siamese watercress, mashed shrimp curry and of course, pad thai. Come visit Long Chim to fill up your taste buds with mouth-watering Thai food.

10/23 Barangaroo Ave, Barangaroo

Cirrus offers a magnificent view of Darling Harbour, Pyrmont and Goat Island, and a casual, fine dining experience to its customers. Their menu is quite reasonable, considering that standout seafood dishes are available. Since the place is always swarming with hungry locals, it is advised that you make a reservation before visiting Cirrus.

Messina Creative Department
241 Victoria Street, Darlinghurst, Sydney

If you want a taste of “nectars of the gods”, then you better make your a reservation at Messina Creative Department. Customers will be treated with a 7-course degustation that is best consumed with the restaurant’s delicious liquid concoctions.

5 Kensington Street, Chippendale

Automata provides an affordable fine dining experience in Chippendale’s burgeoning dining hub. The restaurant has a sophisticated interior, great customer service, and overly friendly personnels. Automata also boasts its modern, yet flavorful dishes that are prepared with tang and served in an artisanal way.

Continental Deli Bar and Bistro
210 Australia Street, Newton

Continental Deli Bar and Bistro is the best lace for food enthusiasts who are looking for tasty handmade charcuterie, an assortment of great cheese and homemade recipes. They have amazing interiors that give a homey feeling once inside. The customer service is also superb!

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Unfriendly Working Hours: The Restaurant Business

The restaurant business is often described as stressful, especially during peak hours or seasons. More often than not, it has unfriendly working hours, which are usually with limited rest time or back-to-back shifts. Working for irregular and long hours is typical in multiple industries in the country. However, such work pattern gives rise to health risks and personal issues among chefs and restaurant personnels.

Unfriendly Working Hours: The Restaurant Business

A lot of restaurants in Australia are open for business at an early time and closes late at night. Because of this, the chefs or cooks, the management and other staffs are required to clock in at cockcrow and leave at dusk. This line of work with long hours can put strain on relationships, as The Daily Mail reported.

According to the survey conducted by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, the erratic working shifts, like those in the restaurant business, do not result to failure in relationships. However, it can “hurt” your romance or your ties with your family and friends. If things get worse, your partner may start looking for sexual relief online or through web cams.

There are also other undesirable effects of long working hours in the food service industry. Ultimately, it can affect the productivity of the employees and increases the possibility of accidents due to fatigue and exhaustion. Moreover, this type of work pattern has long-term effects on our health.

As per a recent study, unfriendly working hours (e.g. 11-hour shift) is a contributing factor of having heart diseases. In fact, Bloomberg reported that long working hours poses the same threat as smoking, high cholesterol level and high blood pressure.

The restaurant business also provides staffs an easy access to alcohol. Statistics show that three in four Australians resort to drinking alcohol in relaxing after their work. Inebriety as a relief option to stress and anxiety engenders risky behaviors, such as driving under the influence.

Measures in Improving the Restaurant Workplace

In 2010, the National Employment Standards (NES) became in action. It sets the maximum working hours in the country’s food service industry. Under the NES guidelines, a full-time employee can only work for no more than 38 hours in a week, plus any reasonable extra work hours.

Businesses can also implement resilience programs so that employees will be better equipped with the pressure and demands of work. More so, an employee assistance and support program will ensure that restaurant personnels who need help will be given assistance as soon as possible.

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Hospitality: A Hazardous Affair

Only those who have worked on the other side of those kitchen doors know what it is truly like. If you have not experienced the urgent pressure, ever present, inside a commercial kitchen, it is hard to do it justice in words. The temperature is always high and hot in the kitchen, whatever the time of the year. The chef is always hot under the collar and baying for your blood if you stuff something up. The dish pig is a sweaty, stained, sea-going type creature inhabiting a steamy realm of Tartarus. Waiters whizz in and out in a tension filled ballet of juggled plates and cutlery. If you don’t know where to look and where to step, it is a minefield of accidents just waiting to happen.

Hospitality: A Hazardous Affair

It is slippery underfoot in places; and naked flames leap upwards from the stovetop range. The barking chef demands quick service. “Yes Chef”, rings out and bounces off the walls in double time. Razor sharp knives are wielded by desperate cooks and kitchenhands. A flash of steel and a severed finger is only millimetres away. Stacks of wide white plates are slammed down by the dish pig upon stainless steel benches and shelves. The reverberating shock records decibels of possible damage to one’s ears.

Nobody survives unharmed for long, with fire licking out, and deep fryers spitting boiling oil; your skin is a soft target. The speed of service increases your risk of injury tenfold. The paranoia present in the kitchen fills the atmosphere with poison. The nightmare of overcooked flesh and undercooked aspirations hangs over our heads like the Sword of Damocles. Will we make it through a service without being harangued by the white capped ogre? The odds are stacked against us and the hundreds of orders fluttering above us don’t augur well for achieving perfection tonight.

The police cry out, “officer down”, when one of theirs is seriously injured. In the kitchen, we do not have that protocol in place. Getting the blood off the big white plate is the first thought; and another steps up and takes their place on the production line. Thoughts about OH & S legal services will come later, when sitting, waiting in Emergency at the local hospital. Holding your bleeding stump in bandaged hand and awaiting some professional assessment from the all-night intern. Hospitality: A hazardous affair and not for the faint hearted.




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More Than Muscles on the Menu: Delectable Dining Partners

We have all seen those couples out to dinner, staring into space or at their mobile phone screens, anywhere but into the face of their dining companion. These are the tired relationships, eating together out of habit with nothing much to say to each other. Dining out used to be a special occasion, but for these couples it is an agonising waste of time. Then, there are the lonely solo diners, accompanied by a book or tablet screen. The waiters put these sad individuals in corners and cul-de-sacs, facing away from the room full of happy diners.

More Than Muscles on the Menu: Delectable Dining Partners

There is an exciting alternative to these two, less than flattering, situations. The smart money can find a dining partner who excites more than their bottom line. A gorgeous, enthusiastic escort to share a tete-a-tete with; and where your focus will be firmly fixed upon their visage. Boredom will be cast out from your paradise, like a fallen angel. Lust will tempt appetites more than muscles on the menu with your delectable dining partner. Conversation will be animated, gleeful and teasingly suggestive. There will be no deathly silences and melancholy.

A professional companion can enliven not only your dinner, but your very life. They come prepared to enjoy the full four courses and after dinner surprises. Why eat the same thing every night of the week, when you can vary your dishes? Too many couples are caught up in property; and the lights have long gone out on their frisson for each other. Dining is a celebration and should only be pursued with suitable dining companions. Better to save your pennies for a big night out than waste them on ennui filled situations.

When you eat with more than food on your mind, I find that you eat less and enjoy it all the more. This could be called the Escort Diet – where diners direct their energies into more than gobbling calories. The game is afoot and the seduction is, although guaranteed, still to be played out. Anticipation fills your body with hormones and, yes, she will probably moan. Moistened lips with pink tongue tip lightly oiled with some dining grease. Eyes sparkling with dilated pupils drinking in the arousal of the moment. Dining should be like this and not an occasion for boredom with mister or missus dreary. Shake off the ennui and step out on the wild side for a change.



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Commercial Kitchen Injuries: Common Occurrences

Getting injured at work in a commercial kitchen is a pretty common occurrence, unfortunately. The nature of commercial kitchens is that they are busy places and full of potential dangers. The stoves are alight with gas flames, hot pans and cauldrons of boiling water. Everyone in the kitchen is armed with an array of razor sharp knives. Chefs and kitchenhands are moving about, stretching, bending and reaching out for plates and pans. They are opening vast ovens and removing baking hot items. Then, plunging stainless steel baskets containing food into bubbling boiling hot oil in deep fryers.

Commercial Kitchen Injuries: Common Occurrences

Meanwhile, waiters are suddenly appearing to announce orders of food and to take out dishes and courses to the restaurant customers. There is pressure in the air, expectant and slightly desperate in tone, as sharp instructions are shouted out by the Head Chef and his Number Two – the Sous Chef. Tight tummies are the order of the day and ever vigilant staff are keeping their heads down. Perfection is demanded of every cooked item and plated dish. “Do it again – this is overcooked!”

“Yes Chef!”

It is a miracle that more kitchen workers are not injured every day and night. In the case of serious and permanently debilitating work injuries – the worker must investigate culpability. Who is responsible and whether they can get compensation for the injury, to help them get by into the future. Personal injury lawyers in Adelaide, where there is a rich hospitality and restaurant industry, can help their clients achieve a financial settlement where it is justified. Restaurant owners and operators have a duty of care to their staff, to make sure that serious accidents and personal injuries do not eventuate. Hospitality work is hard physical work and venues must look after their workers.

The kitchen is a cauldron of steam, fire, panic and intense labour; those that work inside its belly must be careful not to be damaged by the experience. Management must protect its staff from potential dangers and not overexpose them to prolonged high pressure situations without breaks. It is very easy inside these commercial kitchens for all to get addicted to the stress and pressure. This cannot be allowed to happen or serious accidents will result. The blade that slices a finger off and pierces a hand. The scoldingly hot oil that splashes down the front of a chef and into his or her pants. These are just some of the lesser things that can happen in the kitchen.


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A Good Kitchen Attracts Good Cooks

There are some kitchens, when you walk into them, they just make you feel right at home, and some kitchens just make you want to scream. I know, because as a journeyman chef I have walked the talk in many a greasy spoon. The first day on the job in a new café or restaurant is often accompanied by silent groans of frustration at whoever designed this shitbox of a kitchen; please excuse my French. How some owners, or dare I say cooks, could have ever thought that you can prepare and serve quality food in places like these is more than my imagination is worth.

A Good Kitchen Attracts Good Cooks

The awful truth is that historically, we as Australians and as Anglo Saxons, more generally, have never built adequate kitchens for our homes. Why is this? Why has the kitchen always been too small and lacking preparation bench space? Why have our homecooks suffered in cramped locations? Were we actively discouraging the consumption of food by limiting the production of meals? Did architects and builders of homes merely neglect domestic kitchen designs through ignorance? Is it because men rarely cooked at home and it is men who build houses? It is shameful whatever the reason or reasons for it.

A good kitchen does attract good cooks, because it inspires through its design. “If you build it, they will come”, is a line from a hokey, Kevin Costner led Hollywood flic about baseball, but which is highly appropriate for our present discussion. If you build a structurally functional and beautiful looking kitchen in your home, you will more than likely eat well at mealtimes. Even people who are not traditionally enthusiastic cooks can get excited inside a sublime kitchen with plenty of bench space.

It is this space more than countless mod cons and appliances, which inspire good cooks to even greater heights within their kitchens. Room to move has never held so much weight, as in the discussion about the perfect kitchen. It sounds so simple when you think about it, but space is money when it comes to building houses. So, I suppose, it has been the frugal attitudes of the past that have adversely impacted upon the diets of Australians of yesteryear. Of course, now we are all obscenely rich and watch MasterChef and My Kitchen Rules, nightly on the box. We are moved by example and excessive wealth to make our kitchens larger than life, which is a good thing. But, now, I have heard bathrooms are the new black!

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Corporate Fitnessfor Restaurant Workers in the Food Industry

corporate fitness for restaurant workers

The restaurant is one of the most demanding places to work for. The people working in the food and restaurant industry face stressful situations on a daily basis. This is why employees in this industry will truly benefit from corporate fitness programs. Companies that offer fitness programs to the hundreds to thousands of skilled workers working for their various restaurants can attest to the extensive benefits of their employees’ physical fitness.

Why Is Corporate Fitness Essential?

There are many companies in various industries throughout the world that have proven the long-lasting effects of corporate health programs in the workplace. The effects are directly aimed at employee wellbeing which in turn leads to a tremendous positive effect to the company. Corporate fitness does not only entail physical fitness, but a host of other benefits. So why not apply this to people working in restaurants?

Here are the profound reasons.

Numerous Physical Health Benefits

Being physically fit enables restaurant workers to have sufficient energy that is required to discharge their demanding tasks to the best of their abilities. Through corporate health and wellness programs, employees will have a venue to do their physical activities on a regular basis.

Engaging in daily exercises will create a strong individual who is motivated to overcome the physical fitness challenges. When the individual is used to overcoming challenges, he or she become motivated and is therefore expected to successfully carry out time-sensitive tasks. The restaurant is a perfect example of a workplace where there is always a time constraint for high quality food service.

If the restaurant workers are healthy, there is less absences because of stronger immune defence against sicknesses. When all members of a restaurant team are present there is less stress due to more work per individual, so the team can expect a satisfying output of service that will meet the customers’ demands.

Physical fitness also helps develop better mental capacity, alertness, coordination, strength, agility, and body conditioning. These are important aspects of the body that will be required for employees working in a restaurant kitchen that is usually hectic and busy.

Eliminate Stress

Corporate Fitness is also a great tool that will enable restaurant workers to eliminate stress in their life. Engaging in regular physical fitness activities can become an outlet where workers can unleash their ill feelings and negative vibes. What they receive in return is a sense of satisfaction and contentment after overcoming their physical fitness obstacles.

If workers are stress-free, not only can they accomplish their individual tasks successfully but they can also treat their customers with respect and greet them with delight. When customers are properly treated, they can enjoy the taste of their food to the fullest and they end up happy with the service. Happy customers tend to go back to the restaurant and may even become automatic salespersons in recommending the food establishment to family and friends.

Chefs and food assistants who are free from stress also have the capacity to create mind-blowing food creations. Since they are not preoccupied with stressful elements, they can concentrate on perfecting their crafts in both taste and aesthetics.

Boosts Social Life

Restaurant workers who are physically fit also experience good mental and emotional wellbeing. They can attain a balance in their work and social life. If they have that balance, then they can exhibit better attitudes toward their co-workers and especially to their paying customers. Workers with great social lives tend to bring the happiness to work.

A team that is filled with restaurant workers with happy dispositions will achieve harmony and is expected to provide the best food and service to the customers. And this is what the restaurant company is after.

Accessible Health Care Programs

A comprehensive corporate fitness program also provides health care activities that will be easily accessible to all workers in the restaurant. The program should provide schedules that will fit in with the lifestyle of each worker. These activities may include:

  • yoga classes
  • stress management seminars
  • vice cessation strategies
  • weight loss techniques
  • lifestyle coaching sessions

The program must also include health risk assessment, health management support, and health insurance policies. It is also very important in this industry for workers to learn ways on how to prevent communicable diseases from spreading from employee to employee, and especially to the food that they serve.

Health-Conscious Workplace

A corporate fitness program is also an excellent way to create health consciousness in all the elements of a workplace. If the workers feel that the restaurant administration is supporting their efforts to lead a healthy lifestyle, then it can encourage them even more to continue with their fitness and wellness activities.

Health consciousness can be implemented in the workplace through healthy food choices available during meal times and even during meetings. The company can also provide more opportunities for every individual worker to engage in physical fitness and healthy eating through creative ways like posting signs about tips on physical wellness, encouraging employees to take their breaks on time, or a no-smoking policy within the restaurant premises.

Diet Plan for Shift Workers

Restaurant workers are also prone to shifting schedules. Some are expected to work even in the wee hours, especially for those working in 24-hour service food shops. These types of workers will experience a shift in their meal schedules. So they may have to settle with skipping exercise routines or eating unhealthy food. This results to workers becoming high risks for obesity and heart diseases.

A good corporate fitness program for the restaurant industry will have to include offering diet plans that will fit in with the lifestyle of the shift workers. The program should have a custom-fit solution for every individual need in terms of physical exercise and healthy meal schedule. Then, it should educate the workers on how to keep a healthy eating lifestyle despite the busy shifting schedules.

For example, workers can be taught how to make easy but healthy meal recipes that can be quickly prepared and can be brought to work to be eaten after the shift. They should also learn how to eat their meals in line with their circadian rhythm or in line with a regular day. The company will be obliged to support these endeavours because it is in accordance with the fitness program.

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What You Need To Know Before Starting On Your Healthy Meal Plans

restaurant healthy meal plansThere are so many restaurants out there that cater to every person with any kind of lifestyle, however, what remains important is that you get the right amount of nutrients and that you maintain a good level of health. There’s nothing wrong with indulging with a hefty and hearty meal every once in a while, but you should be able to have some healthy meal plans on hand just in case you’ll be having those days when you simply feel out of shape. It’s a good thing that there are many establishments out there who specialize in this matter, and here’s what you need to know about them.

If you have the time to curate your own set of healthy meal plans, then that’s very good for you! Not only will it be more affordable, but it’s always better to know what exactly you’re ingesting. There’s no denying that eating out regularly will eventually cost a huge sum of money, which is why you should consider preparing food at home. Most meal plans available online are very easy to follow, and the ingredients included are easily available at any neighborhood grocery store. If you don’t know how to discern which goods are the best, then don’t hesitate to approach any attendant who will definitely help you on the matter.

Consult with a doctor first

Before deciding on curating your own diet plan, it is best to consult with a nutritionist or physician. There is no plan that fits all, so it is best to know which one is the most ideal for your body type and health condition. Some of the things that need to be determined prior to your diet are your caloric requirement, diet restrictions, and the type of foods that you should consume. Caloric requirement varies from person to person as well, since not everyone has the same weight and height. These are two huge factors that are often overlooked, as most people think that the less calories one consume, the less weight that they will gain. While this is true to some extent, what actually should be kept in mind is the nutritional value they get per meal. If they go for a low-calorie yet high fat meal, then that doesn’t really do anything on someone’s health.

Know the right diet for you

Knowing your diet restrictions is very important as well. In this day and age, gluten has been one of the biggest villains for those who want to maintain a slender figure. However, for some people, they really are allergic to gluten – which is the protein found in wheat, grains, barley, and oat. This condition is called Celiac disease, which makes people allergic to what we know as carbohydrates. Although there are many gluten-free options in the market, some people just opt to avoid it altogether. In any case, having a gluten-free diet is pretty popular even to those who aren’t suffering from Celiac disease. This is simply their way of cutting their carbohydrate intake. There are a handful of restaurants who offer gluten-free alternatives to their patrons if necessary.

Go for clean foods

When coming up with your own batch of healthy meal plans, the quality of ingredients matters a lot. Go for “clean” ingredients like whole grains and natural fruit, and as much as possible, avoid processed foods as they can have a lot of killer ingredients. Most foods that are included in this diet are non-gmo and organic food. Eating clean can definitely do wonders to your overall health, as you are digesting only the good stuff – not to mention, you get to eat a balanced meal every time. Examples of clean meals are lean chicken breast with broccoli and oatmeal and berries. As mentioned, you must adjust the caloric content to whatever amount your physician prescribed you to.

Put your heart into it

There’s no doubt that preparing your own meal plan is a tedious job, and just like any other diet out there, it needs a lot of commitment and determination. Hard work pays off, and if you stick it out with your healthy diet long enough, then you’ll definitely see the results – whether it’s physically or financially. If you don’t have the time to prepare everything, there are services out there than can help prepare your meals for you. If all else fails, just go to a restaurant that focuses on healthy foods. Just make sure that you aren’t allergic to any of the ingredients that they will be using.

To make the decision to eat healthily is huge for any person. No matter what your motivation is, it is important to keep yourself at the center of whatever action you are doing. Whether it’s for weight loss or just to feel better about your body, keep in mind that you should always stay positive in your eating journey. Surround yourself with people who share the same views as you are, and with enough determination and commitment to live a healthy lifestyle – you can achieve your personal goals.

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We Buy Houses Deals: 10 Tips on Buying Commercial Property for Your Restaurant Business

commercial real estate - we buy houses

We Buy Houses Deals, Australia’s biggest and most expansive network of real estate specialists, provides essential tips and guidelines for neophyte restaurateurs on successful ways to get the right commercial property for their future restaurant business.

Finding the right commercial property where business owners will soon erect their restaurant establishment will depend on many factors. These factors can be pivotal in the success of the restaurant.

Here are the 10 tips from We Buy Houses Deals. These tips are important in helping you to make a sound decision before taking a commercial property. Hopefully, they can guide you on the right decision to buy the future location of your restaurant which will become a great asset and not a troublesome liability.

  1. It all starts with the budget.

How much you are willing to spend as your starting capital for your establishment should significantly dictate which commercial property you will buy or rent. Scout your target location for listings of commercial properties whose prices are within your budget.

Different states have varying levels of average prices. For example, in Adelaide, prices of smaller commercial buildings may start at around $250,000, while larger buildings may be priced from $600,000 and above. This is not the case in Sydney where prices can be double those amounts. Wherever location in Australia you are targeting, you must firstexplore the current condition on the property market of that area so you will have useful knowledge of average prices.

  1. Location is very crucial.

Location is very important because it will determine your success when you start in the restaurant business. A strategic location gives you the privilege to market your business to a significant amount of potential customers. Nearby establishments within the commercial property will also dictate the type of people that will contribute to the foot traffic of the area.

There are other considerations on the location such as enough space and parking availability. Your customers will spend enough time to savour their meals and would want to take comfort in making sure that their vehicles are safely parked nearby. Think of more elements about the location that should be available to provide maximum convenience for your future clienteles.

  1. Zoning laws must also be kept in mind.

Consider existing local laws that are implemented in the location of the commercial space. Think of certain future activities for your restaurant which may be prohibited by these laws. If these activities are crucial in the success of your restaurant business and you will not be able to apply them due to the pre-existing zoning laws, then it would be best to look for other commercial properties in a different location.

  1. Study the geographic location and nearby establishments.

Establish your restaurant in a location where you can enjoy a considerable amount of food traffic. Strategic location should be a primary concern for starting out in the restaurant business.
Therefore, you should find out what other businesses are present near the location. This will also signify what types of potential clients you can expect for your restaurant. If the business establishments around the location are booming, then chances are you will have a good starting point to lure potential clients. Successful businesses will also attract success to other businesses within the same location.

  1. Consider the leasing.

For a restaurant business that’s just starting out, leasing the commercial property would be a good choice because this type of business has a higher chance of failure and is short-lived. Leasing provides the restaurateur with the opportunity to use a particular space for a short time. If the business becomes favourable, the lease contract can just be extended.

  1. Investigate the rent

Only settle with rent value that is reasonable. Therefore, you have to make sure that the rent is commensurate with the prevailing market rate of similar property type and nearby establishments. Learn about the many aspects that will calibrate the rent amount, such as geographic area and size, fit-out of the commercial property, prevailing market price, and so on.

  1. Be on the look-out for possible hidden costs.

Be very thorough about the lease contract for possible hidden costs. These costs can be in the form of regular maintenance costs which the owner may trick you into shouldering by hiding it in the details of the contract. It can also take the form of waste disposal expenditures, fit-out expenses, etc. Talk with the owner about all the possible expenses and negotiate with him or her.

  1. Consider ways to negotiate the lease.

Don’t be afraid to negotiate for your future restaurant’s lease. There are many things that you can negotiate regarding the commercial space. Besides the actual monthly rent, you can also haggle with the landlord on other important aspects like who pays for heat or snow removal. You can also talk to the landlord about lawn care or regular maintenance. When these things are prepared early on, you can fully immerse yourself on your actual business in the future.

  1. Implement a thorough assessment of the commercial building.

Consider the current condition of the commercial building. Is the existing fit-out in poor condition? If it is then you should look for certain provisions within the lease agreement regarding a new fit-out every few years so that you are ensured that the quality of the building and its other assets are well maintained.

You can also hire a professional to assess the commercial building if it is worth it or not. The general rule is to ensure that the building or commercial property is structurally sound. If renovations are needed, then you will have to factor in the estimate cost that will incur.

  1. Know the importance of a licensed real estate broker.

Most real estate property transactions today have licenced agents who act as the bridge between the buyer and the seller. These agents are very important because they have the educational background, experience, and connections that will make any deal successful and quick.

Agents like the people behind We Buy Houses Deals have years of experience in selling property all over Australia with proven track record of excellent results. They have matched the right buyer to the right seller while keeping the whole process hassle-free, quick, and convenient for both parties.

These agents are important because they serve as the objective middleman who can relay the concerns from the buyer to the seller and vice versa in the most professional, polite, and favourable way. Their line of work enables them to have a connection to useful tools and other professionals which can help the whole transaction to go swiftly and smoothly.

These agents are also knowledgeable of the different laws that govern the commercial real estate market. So they can advise you on the intricate details about commercial leasing and related legal obligations to ensure that you will not face certain complications of legal matters in the future.

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How to find the best spot for your restaurant biz in Sydney

Commercial real estate SydneyLocation is everything when it comes to opening your very restaurant, as there is no point in opening one where there’s barely any people around. For any establishment to work there should be customers who continually patronize them. This is why a lot of business owners prefer setting up shop at high traffic areas, and this is where competition starts to get stiff. It also comes to no surprise that commercial real estate Sydney is definitely a hot commodity. Finding the best location might be a tricky job, but with the right connections and help, any entrepreneur will finally get a hold of that prime space.

Getting that prime area in Sydney

Some of the prime spots in Sydney are The Rocks, Circular Quay, and Leichardt. These are some of the most popular areas that business owners try to get a space in for their business, because these areas particularly attract foodies and other aficionados. It is best to go for areas that are already known to have great food, so that a restaurant will fit nicely to the neighborhood. If any businessman needs assistance in finding a space in any area, there are many brokers offering commercial real estate in Sydney.

Start small, think big.

For new restaurants, it is best to work with a smaller space. This entails a smaller group to manage, and a smaller space to maintain. Smaller spaces also mean cheaper rental rates, so this means that it won’t be a pain in the pocket of the business owner. It’s also easier to work with a small space since any owner can pack a lot of personality and soul to it. If there are any inquiries regarding available spaces, feel free to contact real estate brokers who are currently offering commercial real estate in Sydney.

Before any entrepreneur opens up their restaurant, they must make sure that they have acquired all licenses and other contracts needed for a smooth business operation. More importantly, they must secure a license to run their business in Sydney. With this said, there are many brokers who specialize in commercial real estate in Sydney that can help in terms of license security. If they are bringing in special tools or serving a particular dish, these may require licenses and certifications as well. All of these must be attended to before they plan on the big opening so that they will be ensured of great and smooth-sailing operations in the future.

Partnership between client and broker

Getting that prime spot is the goal for many restaurant business owners. With the help of awesome brokers that will assist them in acquiring commercial real estate in Sydney, that goal can be made into a reality. There must be a partnership established between business owner and broker when it comes to getting the right area for restaurant businesses since they will be sharing the same vision. Brokers definitely know about the area, and they won’t hesitate in sharing what they know to their prospective clients. Clients must also know how to trust their brokers since their advice is more beneficial than they think.

With all of these said, commercial real estate in Sydney isn’t a tough terrain to travel. Sydney is packed with expert brokers that are more than willing to help all of their clients. All business owners have to do is to create that circle of trust. It’s just a matter of knowing the right people, and trusting their partners along the way. The restaurant business can be ruthless, but with the right game plan, they’ll be able to run a business that is long-running and solid.

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Party Photo Booth Elevates Restaurant Dining Experience

Photo Booth Hire SydneyNumerous tricks have been introduced to make the restaurant dining experience more interesting and memorable. There’s the toilet-themed restaurant where utensils and other equipment are shaped like bathroom accessories. Then there’s the underwater restaurant concept where diners get a chance to view underwater creatures from above while enjoying their meals. Recently, a new addition to the dining experience is gaining traction due to its exciting nature: the party photo booth.

The photo booth is a modern DIY photography that has been popularly-used in many events like birthday parties, weddings, and corporate events. It is a very flexible party addition because it can be customised to suit any party theme. With available props and costumes, guests can truly get into the groove and style of the occasion before their wacky, fun, or formal photos can be captured.

The great thing about these photo booths is that guests themselves are in control of the final design of the actual photos. Besides giving printed copies to the guests, photo booths can even email a copy to the guests so that the amazing photos can instantly be posted on social media sites. This is truly a remarkable tool which is very beneficial, especially to the millions of social media junkies.

Party Photo Booth for Restaurants

The same principle can be applied to restaurants today. Many restaurants are also adapting a themed concept to lure potential customers to eat in their establishments. For these types of restaurants offering a party photo booth can truly uplift the dining experience because then the restaurant will have a tool to capture the guests in their various selves: whether it is a casual night out, a formal dinner for two, a themed company party, or a fun meal shared among friends.

Photo booths can serve as a useful time-filler for waiting guests. Restaurant guests can avoid boredom while waiting for a vacancy on a packed lunchtime or dinner night by spending some exciting time at the photo booth. They can pose and take photos of themselves at the booth in any way they want. They surely will not notice the time needed to get a vacant spot if they enjoy in the photo booth.

Diners who spend their waiting time in the photo booth will have their playful spirits uplifted and will therefore be in a terrific mood to enjoy their meals. They can then share the wonderful photos of their time and their food with friends in the real world or online. This will then become a successful word-of-mouth marketing for the restaurant because of its unique quality.

Since photo booths provide a modern and unique way to generate photos with various designs, diners are then given the ability to make their own fun actual restaurant souvenirs. This is added boost to the restaurant whose reputation for being thoughtful to guests will soar high. Restaurants will be providing automatic souvenirs all because of the photo booth.

Since this is a photo booth in a restaurant so it essentially involves food photography. Diners will then worry no more about how they can take gorgeous photos of their food. The photo booth allows the diners to be taken a photo holding the food or they can have the food itself be photographed. It is convenient and fun because it allows them to experiment with various ways to capture the essence of restaurant dining.

Photo Booth Hire: Sydney Photo Booth

Restaurants looking for the perfect company to provide them with this genius addition to the dining experience should look no further than Sydney Photo Booth.

Sydney Photo Booth is a deeply-experienced company composed of experts on giving the most amazing photo booth services for all occasions. They have the ability to provide photo booths that perfectly fit with any restaurant theme. They believe that guests should be given the freedom to create their own souvenir photos, and the most fun way is through user-friendly photo booths.

Don’t hesitate to contact Sydney Photo Booth for premier photo booth services across Sydney. You can reach them through 0452474742 or email them at A friendly and knowledgeable representative will be more than willing to address all your concerns. For more information about this splendid company, you may visit

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The Business of Hotel Restaurants and Its Legal Issues

food handlers - gourmet burgers

Hotel restaurants present an overwhelming sense of excitement to anyone who wishes to dip their hands on the challenging world of the food industry. If you’re planning to venture into this juicy trade, then you may decide to go the gourmet burgers steak restaurant route. Given the increase in demand for the Aussie Angus beef, which some say is the world’s best beef, the outlook in this specific restaurant business is extremely favourable.

In a July 2015 article from the Daily Telegraph entitled “Australian steaks growing in popularity, driving up demand and price,” the price of Australian steak has been raised exorbitantly that fears of having this excessive price from becoming the norm will eventually realise today or in the future.That is good news for posh restaurants where there is always a market for lucrative, fine dining.

But perhaps you feel that the target market for steak restaurants is too narrow for your taste. Then, you wouldn’t mind choosing from many other options. Should you offer an upscale, midscale or quick food service? You can also choose to offer any of the famous cuisines from around the world: Thai, Indian, Chinese, French, Italian, or Mexican. Fusion of these cuisines is also a popular trend today.

Whichever food pathway you choose, as a future restaurateur you must first face the legal obligations that you must address before your restaurant starts its operations.

Legal Obligations of Hotel Restaurants

Food Business Licence

Just like any other business undertaking, there is a business licence that you need to acquire before you can start operating your restaurant. Getting the proper business licence from your local government should be your next step after deciding the specific details of your hotel restaurant. Different states require different rules and regulations on the ways and how long you can finally acquire your licence.

Besides restaurants, there are other establishments that will be required food business licences such as: cafes, pubs, food processing companies, mobile food units, aged or child care facilities, and even charitable institutions that handle or distribute food.

Food Safety Compliance

Besides a business licence, your restaurant also needs to be authorised as safe and certified to comply with the regulations that the government imposes. This is an important procedure because the nature of your business is to offer food so your place of business has to be certified safe for the customers.

Food safety compliance also means that the handling and processing of food ingredients satisfies the food and safety regulations of some important laws, such as those mandated by the Food Safety Authority of Australia and New Zealand(FSANZ) and the Food Act of 2003 for restaurants located in NSW.

In addition, your restaurant must also develop and follow a food safety protocol based on the HACCP principles. This protocol must be updated on a regular basis and must always be within the premises of your restaurant. This is in accordance with Australia’sNational Food Safety Audit Policy and New Zealand Food Regulation Ministerial Council.

Food Safety Supervisors

Most Australian states, namely NSW, ACT, VIC, and QLD, also require restaurants and other food establishments to have a Food Safety Supervisor who must be available at all times. The Food Safety Supervisor is responsible for the restaurant’s compliance with all the legal food safety rules and regulations. He or she can be a current employee of the restaurant, trained and then registered, or can be hired as an external contractor. The supervisor must meet the required qualifications; to have successfully accomplished the Food Safety Supervisor Course and be duly registered through the Registered Training Organisation (RTO).

Staff Basic Training

Your employees and other restaurant staff must undergo important training related to food safety and proper food handling. Every food establishment is required by Australian law to provide proper training to all individuals who handle foods.

There are many ways that you as the owner can accomplish this for your staff. One is through the Food Handlers Certificate Course, which is a nationally accredited training course that can be accomplished online. One other way is through the traditional classroom-based training. Then, there’s also the use of manuals to teach and train your staff. Lastly, there’s the in-house training method through a duly accredited consultant.

Hotel Restaurants are Primarily a Business Affair

While passion for food can get you far in running your own restaurant, you must also remember that it is first and foremost a business venture. If you want to provide outdoor dining to your clienteles, then you may need to acquire an additional licence for that. Serving alcohol also requires an applicable licence.

So put in place all your plans for your restaurant so that you can immediately obtain the legal requirements for them. Businesses need to follow laws and regulations for profound reasons. In the food industry where hotel restaurants belong, these laws will ensure that the food you serve is not only sumptuous but certifiably safe to consume by all gastronomy aficionados.

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Craig West’s Business Succession Strategies: The Peace of Mind You’ve Been Searching for Your Restaurant Business

restaurant business - Craig WestYou’ve been passionate about food all your life. So you plan to transform this passion into a professional career and decide to build your own restaurant business.

You learn that 8 out of 10 new businesses usually fail within the first year of opening. Then, as you browse through the list of licensing papers and permits you need to acquire, on top of the cost of building your actual restaurant, you almost convinced yourself to give up.

Still, you pursued because this is your calling and you would do anything no matter what it takes.You then begrudgingly accept the new challenges that you have purposely brought into your life. And as you take a deep breath and exhale an air of determination, you brace yourself to face head-on the challenges waiting for you in the harsh world of the food industry!

Turning Over Your Restaurant Business

Now finally, after many years, decades evenof ups and downsin the food industry, you look into the near future trying to find something in store for your restaurant business. You are contented with what you have been through and so have decided to exit the food industry.

Upon reflecting, you look back at all those years and then realise that this is the same business you’ve paid for with blood and sweat, time and money to build from the ground up. Heck, why would you leave it to rot by itself?

Well, here’s the good news. There are professionals who specialise in helping you create an effective succession planning when you decide to exit your restaurant business. Experts in this field like Craig West, who is 1 of only 11 people in all of Australia who had been accredited as a Certified Exit Planning Advisor, can effectively help turn over your business to a new owner and even position your restaurant business into a more strategic position. With excellent business succession strategies, you can rest assured that the legacy you’ve poured into your restaurant business will never go to waste.

Reasons to Implement a Succession Plan

Formulating and implementing a fool-proof succession plan for your business will provide you, the owner, and your partners with a multitude of benefits. With Craig West’s more than 20 years’ of experience in the field of succession planning, you will not only get the value you deserve but you can even reach greater heights for your business more than you can imagine.

Here are just 3 of the many benefits gained from an efficient implementation of important business succession strategies:

  1. Settlement of the estate
    A well-thought out succession plan can greatly help in making a timely settlement of the estate in the event of the estate owner’s death. In this case, the restaurant will be properly valued and settled in the most appropriate way possible.2. Ensuring that an agreeable price is reached
    With a good succession plan, an agreeable price can be met for each of the partner’s share of the business. This also helps eliminate the need for the restaurant’s valuation upon the owner’s death because the price value has already been agreed with beforehand.

    3. Making the policy benefits readily available
    Since the value of the restaurant had already been determined, policy benefits can then be immediately available to be used as payment for the owner’s share. This eliminates liquidity and time constraints. Consequently, this helps prevents a possible external takeover because of cash flow problems or the need to sell the restaurant business and corresponding assets in order to cover the cost of the deceased owner’s interest.

Formulating the Perfect Succession Plan for Your Restaurant

Remember that you need to come up with a succession plan that is realistic and attainable. It is important that you discuss this with a professional expert and consult with people like Craig West.

While there may be no strict rules on what you must include in the succession plan, it is crucial to consider the following details:

  • The business successor. This could be your business partner or family member or another person. If you decide to leave the business to a family member, it is important to involve a business advisor or a lawyer when discussing this with your family members. This helps eliminate possible legal obligations and ease the effect of your relationship with the family members; thereby avoiding possible disputes pertaining to inheritance or business ownership.
  • The type of succession:Should it be full or partial succession?
  • The time of succession: When does it begin and when does it end?
  • Important factors that must remain or be changed, such as key personnel and skills
  • The finances and other considerations like retirement income, tax implications, and sale price
  • Risk management strategies
  • Buy-Sell Agreement. This is a legally binding agreement between or among co-partners or co-owners that will emphasise what needs to happen once the owner chooses to leave or dies.

Your Other Options

As the restaurant business owner, you have many other options on what to do as an exit strategy. You can decide to close the business. Selling is another possibility. If you can’t find what you’re looking for in this article, then put your mind at ease and head directly to Craig West. His agency has dealt with hundreds of cases of varying kinds with optimum success for decades, so you’re sure he has already outlined the perfect plan tailored-fit just for you.

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How Can a Restaurant Business Recover From a Google Penalty?

A Google penalty can be harsh for any restaurant business because there’s plenty of competition out there in the dining world. Fortunately, a restaurant doesn’t have to bear with a penalty for a long time. There are many things that a restaurant business can do as a means of getting beyond such a threat. You can especially use these ideas if you have a restaurant business that is struggling with trying to get more people to eat at their restaurant.

Review Natural Links

Restaurant Business Google Penalty RecoveryPart of the Google penalty recovery process can entail looking into the links that you have put onto your site. People who get into link exchanges and those who hide links to make them harder to find often end up getting penalties. You can avoid this by eliminating artificial links and replacing them with newer options that are a little clearer and easier to follow along with.

You may also want to avoid link farms. These farms are only seen as spamming sites for SEO purposes and should be avoided to ensure that your space will not be at risk of any serious penalties. The links that you make must actually be suitable for your site’s requirements.

Watch Your Content

Restaurant businesses often try and repeat the same content when they are offering something that is similar to what they had in the past. This is often a lazy form of working with a site and can hurt a page from an online marketing and advertisement stance. You need to avoid using duplicate content around your site while working on unique content every time you update the site. This is to help your business avoid any further penalties that may come about over time.

Look At Your Keywords

It is often easier for businesses to market themselves with Google but it can be a burden over time when the wrong keywords are used. It is a necessity for businesses to make sure they avoid using certain keywords far too often or else their content will be seen as something that was written with keywords in mind.

The keywords should also be sensible and simple. Don’t use anything that appears as though you’re going to be overly specific or at risk of banning things. This is to ensure your work is a little more sensible without looking like you artificially adjusted it with content that doesn’t fit in well with the rest of your site.

Track Your Links

The processes you use for creating links should be checked with care. You have to make sure your links are tracked based on when you create them and what they are created for. Every link that you establish must be relevant and sensible to your plans so it will be easier for you to make this work and be appropriate for your needs.

You have to be cautious when working with Google. Your restaurant business should have a great website but it’s important for you to make sure it’s run carefully enough with SEO processes in mind so your work will look as great and attractive as possible.

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