Australia abounds in first-class dining establishments. Every one of these serves exquisite cuisine you are sure to savor with enjoyment. The most popular ones topping the list are found in Sydney and Melbourne.

1. Sydney, NSW: Bilson’s

The ultimate fine-dining destination is Bilson’s Restaurant, owned and ran by Tony Bilson, the well-known restaurateur. It’s just the perfect scene for a romantic dinner or luxurious honeymoon. Its elegance is the ideal background for its refined sommelier and delightful cheeses selected by its very own cheese expert.

2. Southbank, Victoria: Rockpool Bar & Grill

In Southbank, Melbourne, you’ll find no lack in the selection of dining spots available. The finest one, of course, is the much-lauded Rockpool Bar & Grill. Eating at this restaurant is not just about their fine food; it is a complete dining experience. This award-winning establishment is situated within the exciting Crown Casino complex.

As guests partake of delicious dishes like Lobster Omelette, they can appreciate the freshest produce adorning the place, some of them hanging invitingly nearby. The finest of wines are maintained at an exact temperature and greatly enhance your experience of dining.

3. Sydney, NSW: Tetsuya’s

At the center of Sydney, you may find one of the most acclaimed restaurants in the Australia with several international awards to its name. Tetsuya’s cuisine is nothing but original, a superb mix of French and Japanese cuisine. Swoon with delight at the delectable Ocean Trout Confit served with roe of ocean trout. Give in to the temptation of Champagne Icecream, early-in-the-season berries and oranges and their Grand Marnier Jelly.

4. Prahran, VIC: Jacques Reymond

Fine wines and Australia’s contemporary cuisine are what place Jacques Reymond in a class of its own. For private dining or boutique events, regular patrons experience a treat in Blue Swimmer Crab, Seared Calves’ Liver followed by dainty Spiced Pineapple in Ginger Cream or Lemon Myrtle desserts. All these are served in the classy aura of a Victorian-style mansion.

5. Adelaide, South Australia: Grange Restaurant (Hilton)

The Grange is a spectacular 5-star resort/restaurant that blends Australian fare and exceptional French technique. Cheong Liew, the celebrated chef, widely known internationally for finely executed cuisine, manages the restaurant.

For holiday dining, guests may book package deals for a luxurious dinner and overnight stay.

If you’re off spending a private weekend or having a gratifying Australian holiday, it won’t be hard to find excellent dining options in Australia. But if you’re looking for something unique and satisfying, dinner at any of these top 5 restaurants would be a night to remember.

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