Online dating, especially through a prominent dating site has been regarded by many as the perfect way to find the best date. But soon as one finds their match and they get down to chatting, what normally follows up is a date night. Now, this is where the real deal lies.

Are you yet to go out to dinner on your first date? Well, as much as few of us take it as an easy task, oftentimes, choosing date night bars or restaurants that suit your needs and that of your date doubles up as a challenge to many.

It’s a good idea picking a date night restaurant wisely so that you and your date have a good time. Finding the right one, however, entails a bit of planning. After hours of intimate chats on Tinder, WhatsApp or Hookupz and a bit of image sharing on Snapchat, none of us would want to go wrong when it comes to the real date itself. If this happens to be you, well, here’s some interesting information for you.

First, choose a restaurant that offers a wide variety of food. It’s absurd, say choosing a Chinese restaurant if your date looks nothing like Chinese. Believe it, he or she is going to be stuck. But if she’s Chinese well, be sure to visit Aka Siro Restaurant for some amazing Chinese cuisines.

Still, take note of Slate Restaurant & Bar. It’s Melbourne’s most sensational place where you’ll have plenty of superb meals to choose from. If you are after yummy options, then this is the place for you.

Atmosphere is vital in a bar or restaurant, but of course not the wrong atmosphere. No one gets dressed up and applies good makeup only to end up in a wack atmosphere. Remember when the atmosphere is awesome, it can even turn the most upset person to a joyful mood. Ludlow Bar and Dining room, a perfectly striking Southbank bar and restaurant located right on the banks of Yarra, is the ultimate destination to go out with your significant other or even someone you arrange to meet from dating sites. It boasts one of Melbourne’s premier positions for any time of the night or day.

Taking seat in a restaurant where people don’t visit often will ensure you and partner have awesome moments creating and making your love. Woods Bar and Lounge is Melbourne’s most relaxed location to enjoy a drink as you chat your date up by the fireplace. When out for a date night, a good number of us normally wish for a place where we’ll not only have intimate moments, but also get entertained. Punch lane, a cosy restaurant & wine bar has an extensive wine list and menu to cater for everyone’s dinner style. But here you don’t just simply relax. Just for a few minutes’ walk, you’ll get to a theatre where you’ll enjoy a variety of shows, romantic and otherwise. Overall, nighttime experience at this place is simply fantastic.

Let’s admit it. The dim lighting, worldly wine list, cocktails and individual tables have all together raised Hell of the North‘s reputation as among Melbourne’s leading restaurant and bar for date nights. The bar is quite sparkling, framed with booze and sufficiently stocked with booze. Anyone looking forward for a date night they’d love to remember for the rest of their lives must visit this place.

Other romantic date restaurants perfect for you and your date here in Melbourne include:

• Horn African Restaurant
• The Cellar Var at Grossi Florentino
• Red Emperor Chinese Restaurant
• The European Restaurant
• Hanabishi Japenese Restaurant
• Rockpool Bar and Grill

When you consider going out for a date night you can pick from any of the bar and restaurants we’ve mentioned. Don’t forget the goal of your date. Ensure you visit a place you’ll want to have more evenings there all over again with your date.