Giving away promotional items especially during the festive season is a great way for businesses to encourage brand recognition, retain brand loyalty and boost sales. Functional promotional gifts remind customers of the brand every time they use it. A study shows that 87% of recipients kept a promotional product for longer than a year and 66% of them could recall the brand on the gift received even after a year.79% of recipients would likely do business with that company again.

Everyone loves receiving a gift, so giving out promotional gifts improves recipient’s attitude about you and your brand. To help you come up with gift ideas, we rounded up some of the best foodie items that make excellent promotional gifts. We don’t endorse any specific product, we recommend comparison shopping and reading customer reviews to make the best buying decision.

1. Lunch – A way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. This is especially true to your client. A nice lunch out in a restaurant with great ambiance is one of the best gifts you can give to your clients. Take them out for a holiday lunch as a thank you gift to show client hospitality to maintain good working relationship. Try to keep the business talk to a minimum and show them how much their business means to you.
2. Coffee Mugs – among promotional gifts, mugs were reported to be kept longer than any other items. Since everybody loves to drink coffee, why not give them a fun promotional coffee mugs? Aside from your corporate logo, print something that will make them laugh. They will surely remember you longer because of that.
3. Wine – A bottle of wine is a special way to say thank you to your most valuable clients or customers. Give a custom branded bottle of wine with your logo to show your appreciation. The elegance and desirability of personalised wine is sure to be well received.
4. Gift Baskets – This is ideal when sending it to a client’s office, their entire team can share the goodies. Gourmet gift boxes filled with specialty food items will help you close the sale or get you a call back. Choose items that are unique to your business to make the corporate gifting opportunity memorable.
5. Wine Bags – A paper bag isn’t the nice way to bring wine, present your personalise wine with unique wine bag. Bottle bubble ice bag is a sturdy and leak-free bag you can use to put your wine inside and pack with ice. It will keep the wine cool until you’re ready to give it.
6. Eco-friendly Tote Bags – this is a perfect gift that will help your customers on their grocery shopping. Stylish reusable bags are durable and designed to encourage repeat usage.
7. Garlic Chopper – this is a great gift for people who love to cook but find it hard to chop garlic. Hand chopping garlic is annoying as it sticks to the knife and leave unpleasant smell to the fingers. Your customers will remember you every time they cook because you make garlic chopping a breeze for them.
8. Artisan Salts – Your customer will not eat bland food if you give them exotic salts as a gift. Have the tube labelled with your logo and they will be reminded of your brand every time they use it.
9. Collapsible Wine Flask – Oenophiles will surely love you for your gift. They can say goodbye to bulky glasses and glass breakage, collapsible wine flask can transport drink anywhere. This is great gift idea for people who love hiking, camping and picnicking.
10. Portable Ice Cream Maker – this gift will let the recipient whip up a bowl of homemade ice cream in a few minutes. Customised ice cream maker will keep your customers cool during summertime.
11. Novelty gifts – Have your logo printed or embroidered on anti-stress fruits or vegetable and people will remember your brand every time they want to relax and relieve stress.
12. Knife – this important kitchen tool makes a good promotional gift for foodies. Knives have a special place in the kitchen of good home makers, whether slicing, dicing or paring a good sharp knife makes the difference.
13. Kitchen Multi-Tools – helps people cook more efficiently with fewer utensils and less clutter. Kitchen multi-tools makes a good promotional gift as it help recipient keep control over cooking while keeping the other hand free for a glass or plate.
14. Cotton Tea Towels – decorative 100% cotton tea towels are extra thick and absorbent, making them functional and good to look at. They are thicker than flour sack and absorb liquid and wipes efficiently. They wash easily, hold their shape and last longer.
15. Apron – Looking for a fun gift that is both stylish and functional? Give your valuable customers an elegant apron printed or embroidered with your logo. Choose different styles and colours which is perfect for whatever personality.