There are some kitchens, when you walk into them, they just make you feel right at home, and some kitchens just make you want to scream. I know, because as a journeyman chef I have walked the talk in many a greasy spoon. The first day on the job in a new café or restaurant is often accompanied by silent groans of frustration at whoever designed this shitbox of a kitchen; please excuse my French. How some owners, or dare I say cooks, could have ever thought that you can prepare and serve quality food in places like these is more than my imagination is worth.

A Good Kitchen Attracts Good Cooks

The awful truth is that historically, we as Australians and as Anglo Saxons, more generally, have never built adequate kitchens for our homes. Why is this? Why has the kitchen always been too small and lacking preparation bench space? Why have our homecooks suffered in cramped locations? Were we actively discouraging the consumption of food by limiting the production of meals? Did architects and builders of homes merely neglect domestic kitchen designs through ignorance? Is it because men rarely cooked at home and it is men who build houses? It is shameful whatever the reason or reasons for it.

A good kitchen does attract good cooks because it inspires through its design, for good kitchen design tips you can click on this kitchen renovation website. “If you build it, they will come”, is a line from a hokey, Kevin Costner led Hollywood flic about baseball, but which is highly appropriate for our present discussion. If you build a structurally functional and beautiful looking kitchen in your home, you will more than likely eat well at mealtimes. Even people who are not traditionally enthusiastic cooks can get excited inside a sublime kitchen with plenty of bench space.

It is this space more than countless mod cons and appliances, which inspire good cooks to even greater heights within their kitchens. Room to move has never held so much weight, as in the discussion about the perfect kitchen. It sounds so simple when you think about it, but space is money when it comes to building houses. So, I suppose, it has been the frugal attitudes of the past that have adversely impacted upon the diets of Australians of yesteryear. Of course, now we are all obscenely rich and watch MasterChef and My Kitchen Rules, nightly on the box. We are moved by example and excessive wealth to make our kitchens larger than life, which is a good thing. But, now, I have heard bathrooms are the new black!