Privacy Policy

Le Restaurant runs through distinct businesses all over the world that are all portion of the Le Restaurant family. Individual Le Restaurant businesses occasionally have to share private information with other businesses in the group to let’s supply the quality products and standard of service you have come to expect of us. If you excite, click here to find out more regarding companies’ Le Restaurant family.

What do we collect and why can we gather it?

There are scenarios in which we request you to give us advice about yourself. This advice contains things like your name, e-mail address, address, and phone number. In some scenarios you might have the ability to socialize with us or by using a pseudonym.

Use of Private Info

Uses the private information gathered to provide our services to you and to help in making your encounter with the eatery a pleasing one. Advice is also gathered to create and keep appropriate business records. We mayalso used this advice to notify you about services, new products or promotions both from other parties and us.

Is personal information stored?

Reasonable measures are taken to ensure the security of personal information from such risks as loss or unauthorised access, destruction, use, alteration or disclosure.


A server cannot find out anything about a user’s computer, or e-mail address or a name, by using cookies. Cookie information isn’t saved or gathered by The Le Restaurant.


The Le Restaurant occasionally updates its security measures in light of present technologies, and strives to make sure the security, integrity and privacy of private information submitted to our websites. The Le Restaurant cannot ensure or warrant the security of any private information you submit to our websites. If you have concerns in this respect, The Le Restaurant has other methods for supplying and getting advice. Regular phone, post and facsimile facilities are accessible.