It’s the new year and we’re all interested in what is going to happen within the food industry in 2016. We asked a psychic on Psychic Central to give us an idea what to expect in the coming year. Here are the psychic predictions for the food industry in 2016:

The mega trend for 2016 will be the recognition of vegetables as the centre of the meal. Veggie-centric will be the hot trend to watch for, expect to see veggies as the star of the plate not a side dish. Meat will be the side and more of a flavour enhancer as fresh produce will be the main ingredient. It doesn’t mean turning vegan but more of appreciating the value of vegetables for good health. Traditional meat-centric restaurants and eateries will start serving roasted cauliflower steaks and the like. Mushroom will be subbing as ground beef. Chefs will be experimenting with plant-centred cuisine. There will be more vegetarian offerings but will not necessarily be labelled as vegetarian.

The use of smoke and fire will be popular this year. Smoking and charring foods will show up everywhere on the menu. Charred or smoked vegetables will make appearances as side dishes. Desserts will have charred fruits as main ingredient or part of the presentation. Even cocktails will feature smoked salt, smoke syrup and smoky ice.

The restaurant industry will support the farm-to-table-movement more this year. Restaurants will have locally grown produce or hyper-local sourcing. Menus will include food grown in-house and food that incorporates environmental sustainability. Expect to see more urban restaurants offering rooftop garden on their building.

Reducing food waste will be a trend this year. If we use our natural psychic abilities we will see that discards or things that people considered trash will become special delicacies this year. People will be using everything from the root to stem even unusual cut of meats throwing very little amount of waste away. The rising prices of meats and vegetables will prompt people to have the use it all mindset. These include using less common cuts of meats like pork T-bone chop, sirloin top and sustainable seafood species like blue catfish, sheepshead and paiche.

There will be a buzz about entomophagy. Eating insects was a novelty before but we will see more people eating insect as part of their healthy diet. Some insects contain as much as 65 % protein for every hundred grams, greater than beef or chicken. High nutritive value, low environmental cost and low farming cost are among the many benefits of entomophagy. Expect to see more pan-roasted red ants, mopane worms to tea-flavoured sun-dried emperor moth caterpillars.

Pulses like dry beans, chickpeas, dry peas and lentils will be the primary source of protein and fibre this year. These dry seed crops have a high nutritional value and have a positive impact on the environment. People trying to lose weight will be using a pulse-based meal as a source of powerful nutrition. Chefs will be cooking more pulses and their restaurant will be offering more pulses on their menu. Some of the trending recipes are roasted chickpeas, bean curries and bean salad.

Anti-cancer foods and spices like turmeric will be higher on the agenda especially with an ageing population. Research shows that turmeric helps to ease inflammation and prevent cancer. Expect to see more of it on restaurant menus from savoury dishes to smoothies.

People will be more mindful of the source of fat they consume on their diet. Instead of using low-fat they will be using more unsaturated fats. Fatty fish, nuts, olives and seeds will be the primary source of healthy fats. One source that will be popular this year is the avocado. It will be used in salads, toast, pasta sauce, salad dressing and some sweet applications like puddings, brownies, cakes and smoothies.

Consumers will be supporting more GMO free foods this year; they made up their minds that genetic tinkering with their food is enough. More and more diners will gravitate towards restaurants touting GMO free foods. The grass-fed craze will include milk, eggs, cheese, yogurt and protein powders.

Hot sauce will continue to rise in popularity this year. Seasonings will be hotter as Sriracha was found to add ethnic flavour to foods. We will see chefs experimenting with ethnic condiments and spices. Consumers will be interested in ghost pepper from India, gochujang from Korea, sambal from Southeast Asia, and sumac, harissa and dukka from North Africa to spice up their dishes.

Fancy cocktails are expected to continue. Mixologist will use handcrafted exotic ingredients to come up with unique flavours in drinks. Mint, ginger and bitters will be added to make fancy sodas and sparkling teas for adult taste.