You may believe you haven’t only nicotine cravings, when you decide to give up your awful habit. A research performed by a team of Duke University scientists demonstrated that smoker’s flavor detectors can be also manipulated by cigarettes, and therefore, the flavorings may be an added obstacle for those who are attempting to give up.


Joseph McClernon, PhD, the leader of the research admitted that the flavor can be a reason for smokers to carry on lighting up, and of the scent of the smoking and also smokes are fundamental section of the dependence.

But these parts can as well be a solid cause for many people to eradicate the habit, as stated by the scientist.

A normal cigarette can feature different flavors – vanilla menthol or hot chocolate. The additives, including flavoring agents may make the taste harsh and give a fine smoke whereas the flavor of electronic cigarettes depends on tobacco blend.

One may consider this an innocent antic of getting smokers’ loyalty to a specific smoking merchandise; however, while a great part of these additives is not dangerous if consumed in conventional way, they become harmful when burned.

For example, Hot Chocolate is a famed and cherished children’s drink when blended with milk in the form of powder. At the same time, when hot chocolate is burned in a tobacco product, bromine gas, a chemical that anesthetizes the lungs, increasing their ability to absorb the tobacco smoke is synthesized by it.

Yet, not every smoker is prone to the delicious charm of cigarettes’ flavors. There’s a group of people with a particular response to tastes, whom scientists call as bitter tasters. Moreover, they may be even unlikely to take up smokes.

Many years ago the National Institutes of Health carried out odds of smoking a research concentrated on the genetic capacity to spot bitter flavors, and important reasons for puffing.

In the flip side, individuals with taste sensitivity that is less were most likely to become chain smokers and get hooked on nicotine.

Nevertheless, if the inability to give up smoking isn’t reasoned by genetic variable, it could be affected by particular food, which could make tobacco more tempting.

Joseph McClernon explained that there is a particular relationship between particular foods and tobacco. The researchers concluded that special food is not unable to can make smoking more or less satisfying.

Fried meat, junk food, alcohol, coffee and fast food seem to enhance the taste of cigarettes, whereas juice fruit, vegetables and organic food may deteriorate the taste of tobacco.

This connection may be an explanation, for why nearly all smokers declare they love a smoke using a coffee or beer.

Prof. McClernon said that there is a clear combination of chemicals in tobacco and caffeine that makes the process of smoking while having a coffee so popular.

It gives smokers a reasonable method for giving up their custom although, the study is preliminary. Eating a tomato or an apple may help smokers not only forget about nicotine withdrawal, but in addition convince that cigarettes taste bad.