Restaurant FAQs

Q: How can a restaurant make it onto the list?

The list is an easy computation of votes by Australian voters for eateries in Australia.

Q: Which states in Australia are contained in the voting?

The results as well as released by William Jack Media and the awards are the primary patrons, but don’t have any engagement with the results or awards and their compilation. Neither do any of our other commercial associates.

Q: Does a restaurant need to meet a particular standards?

No. They don’t need to sell a product that is particular, they don’t need to have been open a definite variety of years and they don’t need to have won any other culinary accolades.

The sections are agreed with the Academy Chairs and were created to symbolize the Australian restaurant scene as pretty as possible at the present time.

  • The panel is composed of critics and food writers, chefs, restaurateurs and highly seen ‘foodies’.
  • Of the seven votes, at least three should be utilized to recognise eateries outside of chefs’ country.
  • Australia’s 50 Best Restaurants voting system is regional rather than the international strategy

Q: Are Australia’s Academy panels gathered?

The 50 Best Restaurants Academy in the Australia is broken up into 5 areas within Australia.. Each area has a chairperson, and that chairperson gathers 63 people (including themselves). The voters are foodies, chefs, restaurant critics and restaurateurs who travel within Australia and dine out frequently.

Q: Do you know the voting standards for the Australian Academy?

Panellists cannot vote for virtually any eatery they have an interest or a position in. Panellists must have dined there in the preceding 18 months before the voting deadline (thus for the 2014 list – 21st June 2014). Panellists are requested to submit a selection of the best 10 eateries at which they’ve dined during the voting period in order of taste. Three of their selections should be outside of their particular nation.

Q: Who are the Academy Seats?

The Seats are chosen for their outstanding standing within eatery journalism within their area. They’re in a status to best choose an appropriate panel in developing the future strategy for the Awards and actions encompassing them as well as their expertise is valued. To meet with the Academy Chairs in Australia.

Q: Can there be a restaurant taken off the list?

Not until the subsequent year – and then it’ll just be the outcome of the voting that decides this, or if we’re advised it will probably be shut in the year between September 2015 and September 2014.