It is a wonderful world where we can access food from all around the globe right here in Sydney. We are lucky Sydneysiders on that basis, especially now during the coronavirus pandemic, which prevents any international travel. For instance, South African food in Sydney: Restaurants and grocery stores doing well in the midst of this COVID-19 pandemic. Australians and expats love to enjoy the culinary fruits of places from across the seas. It is a special experience to eat and drink dishes and beverages from other shores, as it is a chance to taste the essence of these foreign climes and cultures.

Top Quality Biltong is Available Online & In-Store in Sydney

You can enjoy the highest quality biltong retailers, right here in Sydney. Imagine chewing upon the soul of Afrikaner South Africa from the comfort of your own home. How special is that? It is easily accessible in this great multicultural harbourside city, both online and in-store. This protein-rich superfood is a wonderful snack at work and at home. South African food in Sydney: Restaurants and grocery stores doing well during the extraordinary times we currently live in.

South African Restaurants in Sydney

Many Sydney restaurants are very subtle when it comes to revealing South African influences – they mainly want meat-and-barbecue-loving Australians to pack their tables, even if 4 metres apart for now. Hurricane’s Grill for instance, subtle reference to South African flame-grilled magnificence. Same for the Meat & Wine Co whose image we’ve featured here – sure they’ll have some top-drawer South African wines on their shelves, but they don’t launch evenings with the South African national anthem, nor call their meats braai-grilled, nor offer koeksisters for dessert. Even less profile among the cafes in Sydney – we cannot think of a single one that specifies it’s a South African cafe. However when it comes to South African grouchy stores, that’s when the flag is flown as high as Sydney councils allow – proudly South African, they have devoted followers but nevertheless push hard on Instagram and Facebook to keep their fans engaged.

We Live in a Digitally-Focused World Right Now

So it’s no surprise that SEO for South African businesses in Australia is helping these operations succeed in 2020. We live in a digitally-focused world right now, where those businesses that enhance their digital footprint have a distinct advantage over all those that don’t. Flying the flag online has never been more important and vital in terms of attracting business and thriving in this new environment in Sydney. It’s no coincidence that digital companies are soaring on the share market, whilst the rest of the market declines. Now is the time to pump up your SEO and social media presence to reap the rewards.

Restaurants and grocery stores of all nationalities are ramping up their digital profiles in a bid to improve their bottom lines. Food shops are making sure that they are reaching their market via the internet and social media. In these uncertain times, restaurants and grocery stores need to be agile and flexible in how they service their customers. Delivery services via online are keeping the cash registers ringing in many instances in Sydney and right around Australia. Whether it be South African food or another cuisine a strong digital presence is an essential part of doing business in the current clime.